Communication PowerPoint-Präsentation

Effective communication management is proven to be one of the most important skills and competencies of managers, managers and managers. Important content and messages are being distributed today via new digital channels, websites, social media or PowerPoint presentations. 

But not only the media and distribution channels have changed, nowadays all communication is moving much more closely together with fields of work such as marketing, sales or personnel. Ideally, communication and activities in all areas of the company can be coordinated and interlinked. We have therefore put together presentations for various communication topics to help you plan and implement your communication strategies.

Corporate Governance _ Governance _

Corporate Governance PowerPoint Template

Template with definitions, explanations and graphs to monitor and run a business

59,00 €*
Company Core Values _ Core Values _

Company Core Values PowerPoint Template

Includes value definition, guide for businesses and diagrams for identifying core values and corporate philosophy.

39,00 €*
Team Development _ Development _

Team Development PowerPoint Template

A template on team building, assessment methods, team leaders, team development measures, team dynamics, etc.

49,00 €*
Complaint Management _ Management _

Complaint Management PowerPoint Template

Reports, overviews, and explanations to effectively develop your company’s customer complaint management.

69,00 €*
Crisis management in the time of COVID-19 _ management in the time of COVID-19 _

Crisis management in the time of COVID-19

New, improved presentation with crisis management processes, strategies, implementation plans and crisis communication with 74 PPT slides.

79,00 €
49,00 €*
Business Concept Graphics _ Concept Graphics _

Business Concept Graphics PowerPoint Template

Graphics, such as a trophy, lock, key, smartphone, and light bulb for creative business concept presentations

59,00 €*
Silhouettes - Communication _ - Communication _

Silhouettes - Communication PowerPoint Template

Silhouette figures dressed in business attire involved in different types of communication.

19,00 €*
Silhouettes - Tech Interaction _ - Tech Interaction _

Silhouettes - Tech Interaction PowerPoint Template

Describe technology interactions, communication tools, technical facilities and tools with silhouettes.

19,00 €*