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Strategy Tools _ Tools _

Strategy Tools PowerPoint Template

Extensive tool set with subdivisions and analyses of chain management, core competence, customer satisfaction and more.

99,00 €*

 (216 Slides)

Project Management Toolbox _ Management Toolbox _

Project Management Toolbox PowerPoint Template

An updated and improved toolbox with project-specific templates, diagrams and descriptions for your project management.

99,00 €*

 (200 Slides)

Company Presentation BUNDLE _ Presentation BUNDLE _

Company Presentation BUNDLE PowerPoint Template

Broad company presentation bundle containing tables, diagrams, timelines, maps, overviews etc.

138,00 €
99,00 €*

 (182 Slides)

Vision, Mission, Values - Bundle _, Mission, Values - Bundle _

Vision, Mission, Values - Bundle PowerPoint Template

Contains quotes, definitions, strategy diagrams and key points to define and present the vision and mission.

88,00 €
59,00 €*

 (88 Slides)

Marketing-Toolbox _ _

Marketing-Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Marketing analyses, strategies and marketing concepts for PowerPoint presentations (incl. marketing mix, SWOT analysis, competition analysis, and many more).

89,00 €*

 (244 Slides)

Project Timelines _ Timelines _

Project Timelines PowerPoint Template

Gantt Charts timelines designed for the illustration of projects (time can be shown in weeks, months, years).

49,00 €*

 (44 Slides)

Flat Design - Bundle 1 _ Design - Bundle 1 _

Flat Design - Bundle 1 PowerPoint Template

Motifs on office, mobile devices, silhouettes, metaphors and tools in flat design.

233,00 €
99,00 €*

 (380 Slides)

Flat Design - Bundle 2 _ Design - Bundle 2 _

Flat Design - Bundle 2 PowerPoint Template

Modern and vibrant designed diagrams, charts, title separators, and icons for travel, business, logistics and more.

272,00 €
99,00 €*

 (304 Slides)


Change Management _ Management _

Change Management PowerPoint Template

Change management templates with various features - change management effects, external triggers and more.

89,00 €
59,00 €*

 (106 Slides)

Roadmapping _ _

Roadmapping PowerPoint Template

Different compositions of timelines, Gantt charts and illustrations for successful project planning.

69,00 €*

 (112 Slides)

Business Plan Templates _ Plan Templates _

Business Plan Templates PowerPoint Template

Various diagrams, planning templates on corporate profitability as well as analysis tools for professional business planning.

89,00 €*

 (132 Slides)

Strategy Map _ Map _

Strategy Map PowerPoint Template

Set of over 50 Strategy Map templates for the strategic management of your corporation.

49,00 €*

 (72 Slides)

Skills Management _ Management _

Skills Management PowerPoint Template

Skills Management for PowerPoint to classify competences and to illustrate competency models in business presentations.

59,00 €*

 (32 Slides)

Key Account Management Toolbox _ Account Management Toolbox _

Key Account Management Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Includes useful tools to create key account plans, SWOT-analyses, strategy pyramids, customer analyses and more.

89,00 €*

 (114 Slides)

Innovation Management - Toolbox _ Management - Toolbox _

Innovation Management - Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Display and enforce innovation models and strategies by using strategy tools such as market positioning matrix, PIMS model and much more.

99,00 €*

 (104 Slides)

Animated Charts Collection _ Charts Collection _

Animated Charts Collection PowerPoint Template

Explain your business topics, process flows, projects etc. with 3D animated charts, arrows, tables and graphics.

49,00 €*

 (56 Slides)

Index Tabs for PowerPoint _ Tabs for PowerPoint _

Index Tabs for PowerPoint PowerPoint Template

Visualize projects with index tab layouts; to easily comprehend different topics.

49,00 €*

 (220 Slides)

Flow Chart - Toolbox _ Chart - Toolbox _

Flow Chart - Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Document complex processes - includes various shapes on diagrams (e.g. hexagons, circles, diamonds etc.).

49,00 €*

 (52 Slides)

Timeline Templates Bundle _ Templates Bundle _

Timeline Templates Bundle PowerPoint Template

Set includes extensive mix of timeline templates (incl. arrows, images, project management timelines and more).

223,00 €
89,00 €*

 (212 Slides)

Agile Management Bundle _ Management Bundle _

Agile Management Bundle PowerPoint Template

Bundle incl. the SCRUM toolbox, Agile Management and Agile Markting slides: graphs, tables, process flows and more.

157,00 €
89,00 €*

 (112 Slides)

World Map _ Map _

World Map PowerPoint Template

Wide selection of different types of world maps in varying design styles, with numerous world infographics.

69,00 €*

 (160 Slides)

Sketch Graphics / Business Doodles _ Graphics / Business Doodles _

Sketch Graphics / Business Doodles PowerPoint Template

Diagrams, numerous icons and modern designs as business doodles for presentations.

79,00 €*

 (108 Slides)