Marketing Controlling PPT Presentations

Marketing Controlling plans, coordinates and controls all marketing activities and reports them to the company management. This information forms the basis for top management in order to steer the company in a targeted manner. Marketing controlling is intended to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of market-oriented corporate management. 

Evaluate the efficiency of your marketing activities with proven methods, such as the ABC, SWOT and break-even analyses. Our Marketing Controlling template contains important concepts, tools and an overview of different marketing controls. Our Cockpit Charts template allows you to visualize, communicate and analyze KPIs and other data.

Marketing-Controls _ _

Marketing-Controls PowerPoint Template

Charts, diagrams, definitions, checklists and examples of the most important functions and tools of marketing controlling.

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Marketing & Sales KPIs _ & Sales KPIs _

Marketing & Sales KPIs PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint set with different infographics, diagrams and dashboards to visualize KPIs for sales and marketing

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 (56 Slides)

SWOT-Analysis _ _

SWOT-Analysis PowerPoint Template

Analysis designs for environmental analysis and other related topics.

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Break-Even Analysis _ Analysis _

Break-Even Analysis PowerPoint Template

Get to know our break-even analysis charts to display the break-even point of your production.

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Cockpit Charts _ Charts _

Cockpit Charts PowerPoint Template

Present data in a clear and compact form with the help of metrics (KPI cockpit / IT dashboard / scorecard).

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