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Company Presentation

Company Presentation BUNDLE _ Presentation BUNDLE _

Company Presentation BUNDLE

Broad company presentation bundle containing tables, diagrams, timelines, maps, overviews etc.

138,00 €
99,00 €*

 (182 Slides)

Summary Slides _ Slides _

Summary Slides

Make a final finish with a lasting impression - find all types of ending layouts for your final statement.

29,00 €*

 (44 Slides)

Employer Branding _ Branding _

Employer Branding

Work templates and explanations for effective HR marketing in employer branding and creating an attractive employer brand.

59,00 €*

 (68 Slides)

Corporate Identity / Branding _ Identity / Branding _

Corporate Identity / Branding

Comprehensive set of graphs and explanations for presenting the brand as well as the specific features of your company.

69,00 €*

 (56 Slides)

Company Presentation Toolbox _ Presentation Toolbox _

Company Presentation Toolbox

Make use of our extensive company presentation toolbox to create a professional company presentation.

89,00 €*

 (144 Slides)

Company Presentation Basic _ Presentation Basic _

Company Presentation Basic

Make use of our Company Presentation Basic set to create well-rounded business components.

49,00 €*

 (38 Slides)

Company Core Values _ Core Values _

Company Core Values

Includes value definition, guide for businesses and diagrams for identifying core values and corporate philosophy.

49,00 €*

 (52 Slides)

Vision & Mission Statements _ & Mission Statements _

Vision & Mission Statements

Declaration of corporate vision, mission and values with definitions, checklists, diagrams and templates.

39,00 €*

 (36 Slides)


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