Company Presentation

Create an exceptional business presentation with this comprehensive template collection.  Ready-made diagrams in different designs and styles can be used to visualize important key figures or quarterly/annual balance sheets. Use our maps with a selection of icons to present new or existing corporate locations. Be it a financial presentation, introducing your company to the public, a detailed business plan or product development – you’ll find the tools you need.
Company Presentation BUNDLE _ Presentation BUNDLE _

Company Presentation BUNDLE

Broad company presentation bundle containing tables, diagrams, timelines, maps, overviews etc.

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 (182 Slides)

Company Presentation Toolbox _ Presentation Toolbox _

Company Presentation Toolbox

Make use of our extensive company presentation toolbox to create a professional company presentation.

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 (144 Slides)

Standard Package _ Package _

Standard Package

Opportunity to receive 40 downloads in all categories excluding software & tools and package & bundles.

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Company Presentation Basic _ Presentation Basic _

Company Presentation Basic

Make use of our Company Presentation Basic set to create well-rounded business components.

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 (38 Slides)

Workflow - Company _ - Company _

Workflow - Company

Present developments and use for various areas of operation (e.g. sales and distribution, production, services etc.).

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 (20 Slides)

Business Plan Templates _ Plan Templates _

Business Plan Templates

Various diagrams, planning templates on corporate profitability as well as analysis tools for professional business planning.

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 (132 Slides)

Summary Slides _ Slides _

Summary Slides

Make a final finish with a lasting impression - find all types of ending layouts for your final statement.

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 (44 Slides)

Company Core Values _ Core Values _

Company Core Values

Includes value definition, guide for businesses and diagrams for identifying core values and corporate philosophy.

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 (52 Slides)


Vision & Mission Statements _ & Mission Statements _

Vision & Mission Statements

Declaration of corporate vision, mission and values with definitions, checklists, diagrams and templates.

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 (36 Slides)

Employer Branding _ Branding _

Employer Branding

Work templates and explanations for effective HR marketing in employer branding and creating an attractive employer brand.

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 (68 Slides)

Corporate Identity / Branding _ Identity / Branding _

Corporate Identity / Branding

Comprehensive set of graphs and explanations for presenting the brand as well as the specific features of your company.

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 (56 Slides)

Corporate Governance _ Governance _

Corporate Governance

Template with definitions, explanations and graphs to monitor and run a business

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 (52 Slides)

Startup Strategy _ Strategy _

Startup Strategy

A more descriptive guide for the path to your own startup company with charts, quotes and current information

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 (48 Slides)

Corporate Map Pack _ Map Pack _

Corporate Map Pack

Country and world maps with interactive navigation options, charts and design examples.

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 (120 Slides)

Shop Access _ Access _

Shop Access

With the purchase of this Download Package you will receive unlimited downloads from our Template categories, maps, and bundles. Pay-as-you-go. No-contract. Valid for one year.

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Premium Package _ Package _

Premium Package

Provides the opportunity to receive 80 downloads in all categories excluding software & tools and package & bundles.

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