Leadership PPT Presentations

Managers who understand how to properly manage their employees are essential for the success of a company. The principles of modern "leadership" have meanwhile reached all top management levels of companies, because economic success is often closely related to the quality of managers and their management principles.

Take your company to the top and visualize your strategies with the help of these PowerPoint templates. Give your employees clear goals, convey your vision convincingly and develop your own leadership skills. Our selection of presentations covers various aspects of corporate management and contains templates with valuable tools such as PEST / STEP analysis and balanced scorecard. Using the Strategy Map, you can clearly see for your team where your company's journey should go.

Annual Report _https://www.presentationload.com/annual-report.htmlAnnual Report _https://www.presentationload.com/annual-report.html

Annual Report PowerPoint Template

Templates to present business results, stock forecasts, risks, goals, and more

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Financial Report _https://www.presentationload.com/financial-report-oxid.htmlFinancial Report _https://www.presentationload.com/financial-report-oxid.html

Financial Report PowerPoint Template

An extensive set containing templates and various presentation examples of financial reports.

69,00 €*
Corporate Governance _https://www.presentationload.com/corporate-governance-powerpoint-template.htmlCorporate Governance _https://www.presentationload.com/corporate-governance-powerpoint-template.html

Corporate Governance PowerPoint Template

Template with definitions, explanations and graphs to monitor and run a business

59,00 €*
Strategy Map _https://www.presentationload.com/strategy-map-powerpoint-template.htmlStrategy Map _https://www.presentationload.com/strategy-map-powerpoint-template.html

Strategy Map PowerPoint Template

Set of over 50 Strategy Map templates for the strategic management of your corporation.

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Balanced Scorecard (BSC) _https://www.presentationload.com/balanced-scorecard.htmlBalanced Scorecard (BSC) _https://www.presentationload.com/balanced-scorecard.html

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) PowerPoint Template

Definitions, basics, interactive templates as well as a step-by-step guide for introducing the BSC in your own company.

49,00 €*
Stakeholder Analysis _https://www.presentationload.com/stakeholder-analysis.htmlStakeholder Analysis _https://www.presentationload.com/stakeholder-analysis.html

Stakeholder Analysis PowerPoint Template

Review external and internal stakeholders with an extensive set of charts, matrixes, mind maps, Venn diagrams and more.

39,00 €*
Executive Mentoring _https://www.presentationload.com/executive-mentoring-powerpoint-template.htmlExecutive Mentoring _https://www.presentationload.com/executive-mentoring-powerpoint-template.html

Executive Mentoring PowerPoint Template

Slides containing diagrams and checklists on the concept, process, types and advantages of leadership development

59,00 €*
PEST / PESTEL / PESTLE Analysis _https://www.presentationload.com/pest-pestle-analysis-ppt-template.htmlPEST / PESTEL / PESTLE Analysis _https://www.presentationload.com/pest-pestle-analysis-ppt-template.html

PEST / PESTEL / PESTLE Analysis PowerPoint Template

Compellingly present a PEST analysis for your company (including variations such as STEP, STEEP, PESTEL).

49,00 €*


Corporate Social Responsibility _https://www.presentationload.com/corporate-social-responsibility-template.htmlCorporate Social Responsibility _https://www.presentationload.com/corporate-social-responsibility-template.html

Corporate Social Responsibility PowerPoint Template

Slides about guiding principles and benefits of corporate social responsibility with graphs, quotes and explanations.

49,00 €*