Consulting PPT Presentation Templates

As a consultant, presentations are part of your everyday tasks. Coachings, strategies and analyzes are visualized in elaborate slide decks and presentation slides. Projects are presented to your clients or management, new concepts are developed or your results from management consultancy are communicated. All with convincing PowerPoint presentations. 

We have therefore put together the best strategy tools, models and management methods for you in ready-made PowerPoint charts, which you can use directly for your work as a coach or management consultant. Present your consulting presentations professionally and structured with diagrams, diagrams and concepts.

Enterprise Content Management _ Content Management _

Enterprise Content Management PowerPoint Template

Illustrations of a workflow management system, enterprise content life cycle, an example of an ECM system structure, records management and much more

39,00 €*
Strategy Tools _ Tools _

Strategy Tools PowerPoint Template

Extensive tool set with subdivisions and analyses of chain management, core competence, customer satisfaction and more.

99,00 €*
150 Strategy & Management Models _ Strategy & Management Models _

150 Strategy & Management Models (Bundle) PowerPoint Template

Diagrams of 100 models including AMO, 3R, DMIS, RATER, Value Chain, and more

237,00 €
89,00 €*
Coaching Process Toolbox _ Process Toolbox _

Coaching Process Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Templates for individual coaching presentations of personal profiles, coaching processes, project plans, feedback questionnaires, references, and much more.

89,00 €*
50 Strategy & Management Models Part 1 _ Strategy & Management Models Part 1 _

50 Strategy & Management Models Part 1 PowerPoint Template

Graphs of the client pyramid, value chain model, strategic dialogue and many more strategy and analysis models

79,00 €*
50 Strategy and Management Models Part 2 _ Strategy and Management Models Part 2 _

50 Strategy and Management Models Part 2 PowerPoint Template

3R model, two-factor theory, risk-reward analysis, focus-energy matrix and many more frameworks and graphs

79,00 €*
50 Strategy & Management Models Part 3 _ Strategy & Management Models Part 3 _

50 Strategy & Management Models Part 3 PowerPoint Template

Benchmarking, open innovation, Kano model, and many other strategy and analysis models as charts

79,00 €*