Human Resource Management

We’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of HR management templates outlining various aspects and subareas of HRM. Present an overview of your company’s HR strategy or visualize staff development plans. Create HR job profiles or an integrated concept of modern and transparent HR communication.
From increasing employee motivation, to implementing employer branding – these templates provide an effective basis for visualizing your company’s HR developments. You will find a variety of modern HRM models, such as the NAPA Competency Model for HR Professionals, the Harvard Model, the Fombrun Model (Michigan School), and the Warwick Model. With our premium templates, you can create professional and convincing presentations on any HRM matter.
Motivation Theories Toolbox _ Theories Toolbox _

Motivation Theories Toolbox

Theories X and Y, Risk-Taking Model, Expectancy Model, Equity Theory, Rubicon Model, Hierarchy of Needs, etc.

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 (76 Slides)

Team Development _ Development _

Team Development

A template on team building, assessment methods, team leaders, team development measures, team dynamics, etc.

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 (48 Slides)

Human Resource Management (HRM) _ Resource Management (HRM) _

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Model and analysis collection to exemplify HRM measures and developments.

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 (92 Slides)

Skills Management _ Management _

Skills Management

Skills Management for PowerPoint to classify competences and to illustrate competency models in business presentations.

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 (32 Slides)

Employer Branding _ Branding _

Employer Branding

Work templates and explanations for effective HR marketing in employer branding and creating an attractive employer brand.

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Diversity Management _ Management _

Diversity Management

Guiding principle, definitions, arguments and benefits for diversity management.

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Human Resource Management Icons _ Resource Management Icons _

Human Resource Management Icons

Icons to create presentations showing employees, team members and corporate management.

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Work-Life Balance _ Balance _

Work-Life Balance

Presentation on the effects and benefits as well as measures for achieving work-life balance

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Org Chart Bundle _ Chart Bundle _

Org Chart Bundle

Illustrate hierarchies and structure product portfolios within the single line or the accelerated system.

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