Marketing + Sales

Presentations are essential tools for every level of a corporation. These templates have been created to meet the needs and requirements of marketing and sales departments.
With our templates, you can create convincing presentations on corporate communication and branding concepts, as well as marketing plans and competitive analyses.  We’ve also included dedicated content for online and social media marketing to help you effectively incorporate these rapidly evolving segments.
BCG Matrix _ Matrix _

BCG Matrix

Differentiate btw the coherence of product lifecycle & cost experience curve / transfer conclusions & recommendations.

39,00 €*

 (40 Slides)

Marketing Plan _ Plan _

Marketing Plan

Extensive set with PDCA cycle, PESTLE analysis, 4Ps and many other marketing and analysis tools.

89,00 €*

 (134 Slides)

Competitor Analysis _ Analysis _

Competitor Analysis

Cockpit charts, data-driven diagram collection, definitions and market-related analysis tools in one PowerPoint set.

79,00 €*

 (104 Slides)

Social Media Templates _ Media Templates _

Social Media Templates

Describe social media marketing plan for each individual network, use icons at your disposal.

29,00 €*

 (80 Slides)

Marketing Mix _ Mix _

Marketing Mix

Various Marketing Mix designs include the versions 4Ps, 5Cs and 7Ps.

19,00 €*

 (12 Slides)

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