Business PPT Presentation Templates

Are you looking for the perfect PowerPoint template for your next business presentation? Convince with professional charts and visualize your ideas and concepts in a meaningful way. Here you will find practice-proven themed presentations for all areas of the company and management topics, such as Strategy, marketing, sales, project management, as well as analyzes and processes. 

Save time and easily create better presentations. At PresentationLoad, the # 1 leader in high quality PowerPoint templates for 12 years, you can find the best presentations on the market. Because we have already done your work for you and put together presentations on all relevant business topics for you. Use these without restrictions in your company to create your own company presentations, strategy and sales presentations. Get a real competitive advantage and a professional and convincing appearance with your next presentation with our PPT templates.

Change Management _ Management _

Change Management PowerPoint Template

Change management templates with various features - change management effects, external triggers and more.

89,00 €
59,00 €*
Premium Package _ Package _

Premium Package (80 Downloads)

Provides the opportunity to receive 80 downloads in all categories excluding software & tools and package & bundles.

1.490,00 €*
Standard Package _ Package _

Standard Package (40 Downloads)

Opportunity to receive 40 downloads in all categories excluding software & tools and package & bundles.

890,00 €*
Company Presentation Basic _ Presentation Basic _

Company Presentation Basic PowerPoint Template

Make use of our Company Presentation Basic set to create well-rounded business components.

49,00 €*
Company Presentation Toolbox _ Presentation Toolbox _

Company Presentation Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Make use of our extensive company presentation toolbox to create a professional company presentation.

89,00 €*
Interview Businessman _ Businessman _

Interview Businessman PowerPoint Template

Agenda slide, title slide collection, flag icons, character diagrams and many more templates to create sophisticated self-presnetations.

49,00 €*
Interview Businesswoman _ Businesswoman _

Interview Businesswoman PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint slides for your self-presentation incl. title slides, detailed character diagrams, skill comparisons and many more job application assistance.

49,00 €*
Interview Sprinter _ Sprinter _

Interview Sprinter PowerPoint Template

Master your application sprint with professional assistance: character diagrams, career timelines, icon collections, skill templates and other application tools.

39,00 €*


Interview Mountaineer _ Mountaineer _

Interview Mountaineer PowerPoint Template

Set of self-presentation templates with hikers on top of a mountain.

39,00 €*
Business Starter Package _ Starter Package _

Business Starter Package PowerPoint Template

Business starter package includes various charts such as agendas, Gantt charts, timelines, data diagrams and more.

69,00 €*
Timeline Templates Bundle _ Templates Bundle _

Timeline Templates Bundle PowerPoint Template

Set includes extensive mix of timeline templates (incl. arrows, images, project management timelines and more).

223,00 €
89,00 €*
Canvas Bundle _ Bundle _

Canvas Bundle PowerPoint Template

Collection of Product Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, and Design Thinking Canvas templates

156,00 €
79,00 €*
Value Analysis Bundle _ Analysis Bundle _

Value Analysis Bundle PowerPoint Template

Set of value chain analysis templates in 2D format with modern 3D effects.

78,00 €
59,00 €*
Company Presentation BUNDLE _ Presentation BUNDLE _

Company Presentation BUNDLE PowerPoint Template

Broad company presentation bundle containing tables, diagrams, timelines, maps, overviews etc.

138,00 €
99,00 €*